Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In an hour from now, (10:11 at the moment) the time will be 11:11.

To most people this happens to be a significant time. We've all heard that if you happen to look at a clock and it reads 11:11, you should go ahead and make a wish. It's much like a shooting star or the step before blowing out birthday candles. However, much like both of those things, wishing upon the time 11:11 rarely yields any results.

I remember learning of the 11:11 concept when I was probably a Sophomore in high school. It was brought to my attention by Lara Price. Lara has been the only true follower of the 11:11 rule since I've known her. If she notices it, she will always bring it up. Or at least she used to. Anyway, when I used to hang out with her, and she would announce that it was time for wishing, I would close my eyes, which apparently aids in your wishing, you always want to close your eyes, and I would wish for something, knowing that it would most likely not come true. I would usually wish for the same thing every time, just in case. And no, It never came true.

So after a certain amount of time I stopped wishing.

Now if I were the person reading this right now...I would assume that this post is going to end with me re-embracing the 11:11 policy and finally making my wish come true. That would be great for me.
But that unfortunately is not the case.

No, this post is about a coincidence that has so far spanned the length of about 2 weeks. Only today, about 30 minutes ago, did I declare it as such.

So here is what happened.

It seemed like I had been seeing 11:11 a lot more frequently. I would just casually be checking the time and there it was. Now...yes...we all do this. It's not really a big deal. So much so that it took me two weeks of seeing 11:11 almost every other day before it started seeming strange.

And that's really all I can say about the first two weeks. I saw it a lot.

Skip ahead now to the past three days.

Monday Night/Back Seat of Mike's car
Mike, West and I were driving to Jesse's house to drink. I'm sitting in the back seat and I look at the tiny digital clock on Mike's dashboard and it's 11:11.

Tuesday afternoon/Internship
I'm sitting at my internship typing up a detailed synopsis of a 15 page short story. I read the story. Wrote out notes. And then wrote a preliminary synopsis long-hand. I then sat and wrote out the actual copy on my computer. After typing the final period I look at the time. 11:11.

Tuesday evening/Car
Driving back from hanging out with Christina. It's raining hard. Cars are spitting watery mist all over the place. My windshield wipers are not working very well. I can barely see the lines on the roads. It was kind of scary. I had been paying extremely close attention to the road. And then the rain stopped and things began to get calmer. Now that I have a little time to relax, I pull out my phone to check the time. 11:11.

...At this point, I'm starting to be freaked out by this time. I feel like it is unnatural how many times I've noticed it. And I'm even considering writing about it since it's things like this that I have been writing about in this blog, (except for the last one, that was random.) But again, i talked myself out of it thinking it was too common of a thing to discuss.

So the turning point happens tonight, now maybe 45 minutes ago.

I don't have any new shows to watch. Nobody is in the house. I kind of just want to roll a J and watch something. So I decide to Hulu some recent Conan Obrien episodes. I choose one with guests Michael Moore, Seth MacFarlane and Rodrigo y Gabriela. So I'm watching it. Some laughs here and there. But then, after Moore and MacFarlane, Conan introduced Rodrigo y Gabriela and he lifts up their new album which is titled "11:11."

If that was anti-climactic for seems kind of bland...but to me it was a true "what the fuck?" moment.
Does this mean something? Does it mean I should re-gain some faith in wishing upon 11:11? I don't know. But this is what I'm going to do. It is 11:11 in 41 minutes.

And I am going to make a wish. I'll let you know how it goes.

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